The Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway is a vision of following the Truckee River by foot or by bicycle from its source at forested Lake Tahoe to its desert terminus, Pyramid Lake. The route will descend over 2000 feet in 116 miles, using a combination of existing dirt and paved roads, plus some sections of new trail and bridges.

Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway Map
tahoe pyramid bikeway map


Be aware that Fleish Road from Quilici Ranch to the suspension bridge will be closed again for utility construction starting in early September. So if you want to do the entire distance from Verdi to Floriston, plan to go before September!  After that you can start at Farad or Floriston and travel east to see all the new trail sections in California.

See current site specific conditions on the "Use the Trail" page for the section you are going to visit, as there are often temporary closures or repairs that may affect your ride.



After being stuck at the Farad boulder field since September 2015, this key connecting trail segment  is now nearing completion, and you can go explore it by mid-August.  This short section of trail was VERY challenging, so be sure to stop and admire the rock work that went into it!  This connects the Bikeway all the way from Verdi to Floriston (12 miles) by trail!


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WOW—WHAT A SEASON FOR GRASS ON THE TRAIL!  Luckily 28 people came to our 1st Annual Trail Work Day, along with 5 power weed whackers to knock the cheatgrass down.  Afterward we had a picnic at Crystal Peak Park.  Many thanks to Lorin A'Costa, Roger & Debbie Baldwin, Dick Benoit, Scott Berelson, Brian Block, Randy Collins, Craig Demetras, Barbara, Bonnie Eschenbauch, Eric Gerkin, Rick Goebel, Chuck & Debbie Grooms, Sam Limerick, Clyde & Ruth Murray, Mike & Janet Phillips, Joan Pokroy, Kirk Sachtler, Matthew Salazar, Mike Traynor, Clif Usher, Duke & Marion Vermazen, and Bill Von Phul.

If you own a weed whacker and have the skill to operate it, you can go out at your own convenience and trim weeds. Just check in with Bill von Phul about locations needing work (

Click here to download your personal log for completing the entire Bikeway with our new "Tour the Truckee" challenge


Trail Supporters


On June 16, the Bikeway had the great fortune to receive an endowment pledge from Ernest E. Tschannen of Orangevale, CA for $1,550,000 from his estate!  Ernest is a generous Swiss outdoorsman, who wants to see the Bikeway preserved for future generations. In recognition, you will soon see his name on new Bikeway trail signs.

The significance of his gift is huge, because the Bikeway cannot continue forever without permanent funding, which grants rarely provide.   Ernest’s pledge will provide at the time of his death a substantial start to an endowment fund to sustain the Bikeway.



Each year, we have over 100 donors who give $100 each or more. The money raised by the Century Circle giving campaign is used for trail planning and design, as well as modest administrative costs. If you want to join the donor list, click here.

Thanks to all who donated so far in 2016!

DO YOU HAVE A CORPORATE EMPLOYER WHO MATCHES YOUR DONATION?  Many companies will match their employees’ charitable donations dollar for dollar.  So be sure to ask (probably the HR department or community relations).  Thanks to Chevron and Haws Corp for their match donations!

If you would like to know about how to create a challenge grant (you match donations from smaller donors) or a bequest, please call us at 775-825-9868.

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