The Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway is a vision of following the Truckee River by foot or by bicycle from its source at forested Lake Tahoe to its desert terminus, Pyramid Lake. The route will descend over 2000 feet in 116 miles, using a combination of existing dirt and paved roads, plus some sections of new trail and bridges.

Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway Map
tahoe pyramid bikeway map


* * * * * Fleish Bridge * * * *
Fleish Road will be closed starting Monday August 3 until October 1. TMWA is doing one final round of construction while the river is low - hopefully the last major closure. Please respect this closure and don't trespass - your safety and the contractor's ability to do his job are at stake. The suspension bridge and path to the rock climbing area will remain open. For alternate routes, click here.

See current site specific conditions on the "Use the Trail"
page for the section you are going to visit,
as there are often temporary closures or repairs that may affect your ride.


  • The missing 2-mile trail from Farad to Fleish is finally under construction -- hope for an October opening!

  • The section of Bikeway continuing upriver beyond Fleish Bridge is completed and open. You can reach the finished section by taking I-80 from Verdi upriver to Farad, then turning around and driving east 2.8 miles to a large parking area. From there it is a gentle 1 mile walk upstream on the new trail.

  • The trail at McCarran Ranch has been re-routed by the Nature Conservancy, so keep a lookout for signs.
  • Events/Updates

    August 6, Thursday: Monthly Board Meeting
    Monthly Board meeting at 4pm (every 1st Thursday). If you would be interested in becoming more involved in the Bikeway, please don't be shy! You can come to a Board meeting to see how we operate without committing to anything big.

    August 12, Wednesday: Communications Committee Meeting
    Quarterly Communications Committee meeting at 5:30 pm. This team of volunteers could use help with social media and marketing.

    August 15, Saturday: Big ride from Boca to Tahoe
    Meet at 9:00 at Boca Historic Site for an all-paved 24-mile ride to Tahoe City. We are pleased to have Jerry Hughes of Adventure Cycling lead this ride, courtesy of Procrastinating Pedalers.

    Click here for entire list of 2015 events

    Click here to download your personal log for completing the entire Bikeway with our new "Tour the Truckee" challenge

    Trail Supporters

    Join Our Century Circle
    Century Circle By joining this visionary group, you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you are increasing the prospects of the Bikeway being finished in your lifetime. Learn More

    Thanks to "Century Circle" Donors!

    Each year, we have over 100 donors who give $100 each or more. The money raised by the Century Circle giving campaign is used for trail planning and design, as well as modest administrative costs. If you want to join the donor list, click here.

    Thanks to all who donated in 2014!

    In 2014 we received unprecedented support from charitable foundations - thank you trustees! If you would like to know about how to create a challenge grant (you match donations from smaller donors) or a bequest, please call us at 775-825-9868